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Resources for Fathers


Postpartum Illness

Helping a Mother Through Postpartum Depression: Offers a definition of postpartum depression and outlines each set of symptoms along with tips to help ease them.

Partners and Postpartum Depression: Emphasizes simple ways to be supportive when your partner has postpartum depression.

Postpartum Dads: Offers guidance from men who have helped their wives through recovery from postpartum illness.

New Fathers

Boot Camp for New Dads: This website shares advice for first time dads on topics including postpartum depression, breastfeeding, forming a bond with your new baby. In addition, it offers tips on how to deal with basics like crying babies and taking care of the child by yourself.

The First 12 Months of Fatherhood: This article walks first time fathers through the first year of adjusting to being a parent. It offers advice for dealing with the transition yourself, as well as how to help your partner during this time.

Diary of an Expectant Father: This article explores the experience of a first time father whose baby girl is born prematurely.


National Center for Fathering: This is a website for dads with children of all ages. The organization aims to help fathers' strengthen their bonds with their children. This website has articles on divorce, adoption, and stay-at-home parenting.

Fathering Magazine: Through first person stories and advice, this website offers tips on parenting as well as relevant links to men's health. It offers reviews for books and movies relevant to fathering.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Fathering: In these series of questions, fathers' are asked to consider their priorities and their feelings about fatherhood. It is aimed at fathers who have experienced a divorce, but is relevant for anyone.