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About the Director

Ilyene Barsky is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has practiced medical and clinical social work since 1977. Since 1984, Ilyene has specialized in the treatment of perinatal mood disorders including postpartum depression (PPD). In 1986, Ilyene founded the Center for Postpartum Adjustment. A survivor, herself, of PPD, Ilyene has become a pioneer in her field and one of the leading postpartum depression experts in the country. Ilyene is the Southeast Regional Coordinator and South Florida State Coordinator for Postpartum Support International (PSI), a non-profit organization which serves to increase the awareness, prevention and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing worldwide.

As a political advocate for women at risk for, or afflicted with this illness, Ilyene works diligently to promote public education and awareness of perinatal mood disorders through her affiliations with boards, organizations, and committees. Originally from New York, Ilyene holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Queens College (City University of New York) and a Master’s of Social Work from Barry University in Miami. She is a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers and the National Association of Social Workers

Credentials and Experience

Professional Services
• Direct counseling services to patients and their families
• In-service education to professionals
• Seminars and conferences to the medical and mental health communities

• National Trainer for Postpartum Support International’s Certificate of Completion Program
• Facilitator for Postpartum Support International’s “Chat With An Expert”
• Media expertise in the area of postpartum emotional disorders

Boards and Committees
• Postpartum Support International (BOD)
• Broward County Healthy Start Coalition (BOD)
• The Maternal Depression Task Force
• Infant Mental Health Committee

• In June 2005 received Postpartum Support International’s Jane Honikman (Founder’s) Award in recognition of “an outstanding contribution to the goal of increasing awareness of emotional health related to childbearing.”
• The National Association of Social Worker’s website (www.Helpstartshere.org) as an expert in postpartum depression
• Member of the Speaker’s Bureau for the Miami-Dade Area Health Education Center (AHEC)
• Contributing writer for the book, The Postpartum Effect
• Writer of nationally syndicated articles on postpartum depression (PPD)